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I am a multi universe Degrassi floater.

*I am not Campbell Saunders or Dylan Everett, just a roleplayer. I don't own any of these gifs, credits to their makers.*

Messy Art || immythecat

Campbell quickly wrote down Imogen’s address and grabbed the keys off his desk. He quickly slipped on a pair of his converse and walked out of his room to the front door opening it and shutting it. He locked his apartment door and took the elevator down to the parking garage and got into his Infiniti G Sedan and put Imogen’s address into his GPS. He drove to Imogen’s house in silence not bothering to turn on the radio. As he came to his destination he parked his car getting out and locking it.

He shoved his keys and iPhone into his pocket and walked to Imogen’s apartment building. He took another look at the directions that had the number of Imogen’s apartment. He slowly walked up the stairs and licked his dry lips and wiped his hands on his jeans. As he got up to the floor Imogen’s room he took a deep breath and walked to the room that was only a few doors down. He came to the door, he wasn’t sure why he was so nervous about this, he still was always shy around girls, just like in high school. He hesitated for a second but then knocked on her door. 

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